“I’m worth a billion but I have no sense of purpose”

Everyone is asking if we are in a tech bubble. I think we are not. But I also think that there is a bigger problem at play. In the race to be the next big thing we forgot that companies exist to fulfill a need. We got too consumed with our own numbers, our growth and hockey stick curves and who’s writing about us. ‘Oh they’re hot they got into Techcrunch’. We forgot to ask ourselves one key question: what is our purpose? Why do we exist as a business. If we disappeared tomorrow would it really matter?continue reading »

How little things matter…

Comparison of my morning routine between New York and London. Using Starbucks as the base Index (much like the Big Mac is used as the Purchasing Power Parity index across the world)


Me: Hi, id like a Vente Capuccino please, with an extra shot, and extra extra dry

Barrista: Groan. What’s Dry ?


New York

Me: Hi, id like a Vente Capuccino please, with an extra shot, and extra extra dry

Barrista: Extra Dry just like a Martini coming right up!
I love this place . And i love my super dry capu.

How Howard Schultz saved Starbucks

I just finished reading Howard Schultz’s book ‘Onward’ in which he tells the story of how he returned to the CEO position at Starbucks around a decade after stepping down to save it from its downward spiral.

 It’s an exhilarating read… and a story of how – once again – a great leader returns to save the company he created, and does it with courage and brevity and a commitment to a higher cause than just saving a failing company. Much like the story of Steve Job’s return to Apple, it’s a story of how passion for the purpose the company once served dies after a great leader departs, and how that’s restored through a series of controversial very non-text-book type moves. That’s what makes it a great read!

 I won’t spoil the read for you by giving it all away…I’ll just share some of those moves that really stood out for me as signs of courage and great leadership. At least how I read them.continue reading »

Nothing more inspiring than inspiring people :)

On Friday we put out probably the biggest announcement  in PeoplePerHour’s history, introducing ahead of time some big changes to the product coming up. We were expecting to get axed; grilled, crucified and hammered with negativity. We prepared for the worst.  Not because we dont believe in what we are doing or but because people normally react negatively to change. They are daunted and confused by it.

Yet the reaction so far has been one of euphoria; relief and inspiration. The blog crashed momentarily from the huge traffic influx, we got some 10,000 hits in a very short space of time. People posted comments like the below saying how they got inspired by the journey we went through and how they cant wait for the changes to go live.  This leaves me more inspired than i ever was, knowing that what we are doing is in itself giving people excitement, hope and inspiration. I feel blessed that we have such an entrepreneurial community. Thank you folks – you rock!continue reading »