Pythagora’s Boxer. Oil on canvas.

Why SuperTasker will disrupt digital work

SuperTasker’s mission is to disrupt digital work, by making it super easy, super fast and super reliable to get tasks done at a click.  Unlike traditional marketplaces where the two sides are left to their own devices to haggle a solution and a price for it (albeit with the help of online reputation systems, social integration, messaging, price comparisons, dispute mediation and a raft of other features that serve the purpose of building trust between the two parties), SuperTasker work as an intelligent ‘black box’ rendering all that unnecessary.  The black box is smart enough to allocate the work to the right person, at the right time, and for the right price. So you don’t have to! The below is some testament to that, qualitative and quantitativeST_key_info

The main essence to The Innovators Dilemma

The Innovators Dilemma is arguably one of – if not the – most important book in describing how technological innovation works and why almost always the incumbents and leading players in markets fail to capture the next wave of innovation in their market   and have their lunch eaten by a newcomer. This book is so good I read it multiple times and every time I learn more.  Below I share what I think is the most important excerpt from this book which captures its key essence (although I highly suggest anyone operating in the technology business to read the entire book)continue reading »

Good Product Managers, Bad Product Managers

Finding great product managers is one of the hardest roles to hire for in any company I find. Great product managers are often unemployable and become the entrepreneurs themselves. But not impossible. The below paper written by  the acclaimed entrepreneur-turned-VC Ben Horowitz which is taught at Stanford is the best i’ve read so far that articulates the distinction between a good and a bad Product Manager. It’s a must read  for any entrepreneur, CEO, recruitment professional or product managercontinue reading »