We are not building a business, we are creating a movement!


I wrote a blog post today on the PPH blog giving an update to our community on the upcoming Hourlies launch. One of the main things i relay in this post is my amazement to date on the sheer diversity of services people are offering, from as little as one hour.  From the bread and butter type services like WordPress template design, creating a logo or a website, to teaching you the basics of social media, how to code or speak a language, creating your caricature OR .. one of my favourites: designing a custom made dog coat in 3 hours for $40 !!

As Hourlies are trickling in by the hour i am more and more seeing validation of my original intuition and vision. That the labour market is ripe for disruption. I see it in the ‘hunger’ of people which leads to the inventiveness and the originality of what they post.

It’s been said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. I say hunger is.  And i mean hunger in the broader sense here; i mean the deep desire of people to work for themselves, to go out and do something different. To be in control, to do the things they love and earn an income while doing it. And to do it their own way.continue reading »

If you build to flip, you build to flop

The question I just hate the most, especially when I’m interviewing, as I was with some senior execs this week is this: “what’s your exit strategy”. I’m sat there thinking: you haven’t yet established what our entry strategy is, you haven’t the faintest clue what we are about and you’re already asking about exit. You have no idea why we exist and why we matter, yet you want to know how we’ll flip this thing.

I’m a big believer that those who build to flip are the worst kind of entrepreneurs. They are interested only in building something that someone else wants to buy rather than building long term sustainable value and products and services that people love. Things that drive change, make a dent in the universe. There is no purpose to what they do. You ask them what’s your mission and its “oh well.. sell to Google in 3 years” . I want to throw up when I hear it.continue reading »