Nothing more inspiring than inspiring people :)

On Friday we put out probably the biggest announcement  in PeoplePerHour’s history, introducing ahead of time some big changes to the product coming up. We were expecting to get axed; grilled, crucified and hammered with negativity. We prepared for the worst.  Not because we dont believe in what we are doing or but because people normally react negatively to change. They are daunted and confused by it.

Yet the reaction so far has been one of euphoria; relief and inspiration. The blog crashed momentarily from the huge traffic influx, we got some 10,000 hits in a very short space of time. People posted comments like the below saying how they got inspired by the journey we went through and how they cant wait for the changes to go live.  This leaves me more inspired than i ever was, knowing that what we are doing is in itself giving people excitement, hope and inspiration. I feel blessed that we have such an entrepreneurial community. Thank you folks – you rock!

I share with you some of the comments:


Just wanted to say I read your article about the updates/changes to user experience for PPH. The whole story of how it started is fascinating and inspirational!

It must have been incredibly tough to get the initial jobs on there! Im wondering how you managed it, with no reputation/resources…??

Im a young and budding entrepreneur and have many ideas floating about in my mind so to read your story is great for me!

Good luck.

“Dear Xenios,i read your journey with tears in my eyes. I run a very small business and I do not have an office, I use PPh to complete small projects because of lack of funds.. I work from home whilst looking after my two kids and everyday I wonder if I wlll ever become as big as I want to. Just reading about your challenges makes what I do seem real. One day I hope I can stand up and tell my story from a platform of success just like you. Congratulations and well done”

You can read the announcement of changes and some of the comments on the PeoplePerHour Blog

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