This IS what gets me up in the morning :)

Recently a PPHer Rebecca Walton wrote in to us with the following words. Its so moving, and exactly what motivates Team PPH. The fact that we make a difference to people’s lives. Thanks Rebecca ! You made my week 🙂

I wanted to share my story with People Per Hour and express my utmost gratitude for the site that has helped me get where I am today.

My name is Rebecca, I am (very nearly) 23 years old and have spent years in the sales, marketing and recruitment business. I went through some very tough personal issues from the age of 18 which led me to have to deal with depression. I found keeping a job down very difficult as many of the employers couldn’t understand what was going on with me. Recently, my depression went from bad to worse and I was diagnosed with anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. This means that I can very rarely leave the house, unless with a ‘safe’ person (my poor, poor partner)!

With my partner working all of the hours under the sun to support us and keep a roof over our heads, I knew I had to do something to make it all better, before it all fell apart. I couldn’t leave the house and there was no way anyone was ever going to employ me if they knew about my medical issues.
I remembered using People Per Hour very briefly back in 2010, as a way of getting some extra sales income. I decided to check back and see whether there were any new sales jobs available. I couldn’t believe it when I saw how much the website had changed, how much more user friendly it was.
I applied for a few jobs and finally was given a chance. I realised quickly however that even telesales was going to be tough with my illness. I had always wanted to be a writer but didn’t have the degree or experience (other than a dabble in marketing), so what chance would I have against the other bidders?
Surprisingly, I found somebody who was willing to give me a chance and pretty quickly too. I began working for them and then found another client, and another, and another. Eventually I was working all hours of the day and I absolutely loved it! I then put up some hourlies offering articles to clients, and started selling them too. The work was building up and so I gave another new member the chance to get their first shot, like I had those few months before.
Now I work full time, running my own writing business. The majority of my work is still done through PPH, with my website redirecting new customers to buy hourlies from me on PPH too, and I am thoroughly happy with the wide range of subjects I get to write about. It seems silly to say that a website has changed my life, and I feel a bit like one of those sappy happy people that you see in bad adverts. It does ring some truth though, because without it I don’t know what I would have done.
I’m even looking at expanding my business to be able to hire more writers, SEO experts and soon some website designers to launch my very own company site. It’s great that I can put back in what I got out. Now my partner is jealous that I’m making more money than him! I’ve said that I’ll help him set up his own business as an electrician once mine is up and running. Then we can utilise even more areas of PPH when we look for sales experts, designers and writers!
Thanks People Per Hour, from me, my jealous partner and my two cats (who without you would be living off leftovers).
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