My only allergy – NEGATIVE PEOPLE!

I’m lucky enough not to have any allergies. But recently I developed one very strongly –  NEGATIVE PEOPLE!

I cannot deal with negativity any more. It’s what’s killing the world. The winging, constant “I can’t” attitude instead of “can do”… seeing all the things that can go wrong first instead of what can go right.  For the love of God , if you want nothing to go wrong then stay in bed and spare the rest of us the itch. Nothing can go wrong if you stay in bed can it ?! STAY ! 

Unfortunately as the diagram below depicts very neatly this describes 90% of the population.  And in Europe probably 99%! That’s the main reason I left Europe even though there are so many things I love about it. The constant, ubiquitous negativity,  the winging, complaining.  The small-mindedness and thinking inside a tiny box, not questioning what may be beyond the forest.  No wonder Europe is screwed.


We have so little to lose in life, and so much to gain by just being fearless, trying out whatever it is we aspire to, even if that means you fail, ridicule yourself or look like an idiot. So what?  You’ve done more than most people by just trying. And if you don’t, aren’t you a bigger idiot?

So if you know me and see me itching, scratching, sneezing, shaking or any other allergy symptoms   – just jump out of your comfort zone, or go back to bed. And stay there.   Because if you don’t aim to raise the bar in life, and you don’t have the courage to try, then you may as well be dead. Period.


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