Growing me, Growing You

I recently wrote a Blog post on my Company Blog which reflects a lot on the Journey of building out PPH. I still cant believe what a Journey it has been.. a year ago we were 9 people; now we are over 50, in 2 locations and launching in another one. We have a vibrant team full of passion and energy, a community that’s vocal, demanding and tenacious that keeps us on our feet; a market thats buzzing and craving for innovation and best of all we actually serve a great cause. We help people get on their feet and find work by utilising their skills, living their dream of having their own business, being in charge of their own destiny. Its fun, its challenging, its exciting. I feel privileged and lucky to be be able to help people on that journey, achieve their dream whilst living out my very own. There isn’t a week that goes past when i don’t reflect back on that summer day in 2003 when i was depressed, sad and unhappy with my life and my job. And i decided to change it. I decided to do something foolish and crazy – start my own business at the age of 23. I accepted that people would call me nuts – most of all my parents – that i may lose money and that of others, that I would probably become a workaholic, split up with my girlfriend at the time (which i did), stay lonely for quite some time… but that i would go with it all the same. I did. Its been a roller coaster journey thats kept me on the seat of my pants, but the best decision I have ever made. I now cant imagine life without that passion, adrenalin, the challenge, the fear of the unknown; the loneliness of being an entrepreneur, the eerie feeling of going down a dark tunnel and the emotional exuberance that you feel when you see the light at the end. It makes life worth living.

Anyone thinking about doing it here my advice: stop thinking. Just do it.

And here’s the blog post:

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