“Sometimes life is going to hit you on the head with a brick. Dont loose faith. What makes you who you are is what you do when you’re down”

Led by Imagination

To capture how much the web has evolved picture the first Mosaic or Netscape browser page on a dial up connection. (Sadly I am old enough to have witnessed that first hand). Fast forward to today, a world dominated by ever growing in-browser capabilities on a growing number of ever more mobile devices. The web is not just more mobile and more powerful. It’s a damn lot prettier.  (I cant resist to pimp our Pinterest page here as its so so cool   

Design is in many ways at the driving seat of today’s technology. Innovation is increasingly turning outside in rather than inside out. And by that I mean they start from an idealistic interaction with the customer – a dream experience, an imagined world, and we walk backwards to execute on the imagined dream. 

Passionate entrepreneur and artist at heart, lover of life with an overly curious mind. Advocate of the different, creative and unconventional; follower of art, design, anything creative, pretty and cool. Fan of elegance found in simplicity and minimalism; allergic to the verbose, the superfluous, the non-colorful and the dull. Life long enemy of conformity; specializes in poking the fire and stirring things up, accidental Founder of and now fully and truly wed to PeoplePerHour.com